Gusti Hendy Join Sakae Drums


Gusti Hendy Join Sakae Drums

In 1999, Hendy was asked to join Big City Blues, in which he played jazz and blues with veteran musicians Donny Suhendra, A.S. Mates and Albert Warnerin. While trying to keep up with his communications degree studies, Hendy and Big City Blues regularly played at cafes and on TVRI’s Blues Night. Through Blues Night, Hendy caught the attention of former God Bless keyboardist Yockie Suryoprayogo, who personally invited Hendy to perform as part of his Rock Opera. In turn, this performance led to an invitation to play drums for the Erwin Gutawa Orchestra, followed by more studio session work for Erwin and also another performance with Yockie for the massive “Kesaksian 2003″ concert by Kantata Takwa, the supergroup consisting of Yockie, Iwan Fals, Setiawan Djody, W.S. Rendra and Sawung Jabo.

“It’s a honor for me to be a part of Sakae drums family. Sakae drums gives me a different sound to represent my character when I’m playing drums. With Sakae drums I will produce a good work in music.”

Gusti Hendy

Around the same time as finishing his studies and getting his communications degree, in 2003 Hendy joined the band Omelette and released one album before resigning. His stint in Omelette brought him to the attention of Gigi, one of Indonesia’s biggest rock bands with whom Omelette shared management under POS Entertainment. When drummer Budhy Haryono was unavailable to record Gigi’s album for the Brownies film soundtrack, he recommended Hendy as his temporary replacement, and the band soldiered on. After recording Raihlah Kemenangan, an album of cover versions and new original songs with a religious theme, and performing numerous shows, Hendy was made a permanent member of Gigi in mid-2004.